About Us

Hart Armour was created in October of 2020. The company specializes in making protection available to everybody. The SAFE4LIFE is the first product resulting from our passion for personal protection. It is an affordable, simple product, easy to store and easy to put on when you need it. Providing reassurance comparable to a life jacket in an airplane, you will probably never need it, but if you do, you are happy it’s there. Following this philosophy Hart Armour is currently developing more innovative products.

Stay on the lookout, your safety is our passion.


Supply of affordable
protection for everybody


To save people´s lives

Onno ’t Hart

Since the early nineties Onno has made a successful career selling aramid for protection applications from both Germany and Singapore.

In 2006 he progressed to the position of CEO in a large German Protection company providing body armour and protection for vehicles. More recently Onno has been appointed as advisor on protection systems to several governments and OEMs.

In October of 2020 he decided to follow his passion and founded Hart Armour.

Ingo Bornemann

Ingo’s philosophy is “Always lighter, always more powerful and always new threats are the ongoing challenges in the field of ballistic protection.”

In a career spanning more than 20 years Ingo has held leading technical positions in this field. In the latter part of his career his focus was in setting up and leading manufacturing plants around the world.

In April of 2021 Ingo decided to join Hart Armour.

Our product
can save your life