MICH Helmet Low Cut ''Mike'' Ballistic Helmet NIJ IIIa UHMWPE - Hand Gun Protection
Size: L
Features: Protection against .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point (JSP)Protection against 9 mm Full Metall Jacketed Round Nose (FMJ RN)Protection against .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP)Protection against Fragments (FSP)Protection against knives, needles and sharp objectsProtection against impactUse of high-performance fiber composite Picatinny railsNights vision mounts      Size and Weights: SIZE LENGTH mm WIDTH mm CIRCUMFERENCE mm WEIGHT kg S 245 235 540-560 1.33 M 255 245 560-580 1.40 L 268 254 580-600 1.45 XL 283 271 620-640 1.60 Product discription: “Mike” is designed to protect the end user from low velocity handgun and fragmentation threats. It is equipped with a rail system on both sides and a mounting element for the night vision device on the front side. Mike has a very robust Polyurethane finish, which protects the ballistic material (UHMWPE) in all situations. The construction of the helmet including the adjustable harness system absorbs the residual kinetic energy after impact according to the standard. It also provides ventilation inside the helmet. Protection level:NIJ 0106.01 Level IIIaStanag 2920 FSP Guarantee:1-year on Helmet harnass5-year on Helmet shell Shooting test results:Available on reqeust Care instructions:Washable with a damp clothDo not stress mechanically          

MICH/ACH Ballistic Helmet NIJ IIIa - Hand Gun Protection
Size: XL
Features: Protection against 9mm, 357 Mag and .44 MagProtection against Fragments (FSP)Protection against knives, needles and sharp objectsProtection against impactMarket leading technologyEnhanced comfortNo restriction in head movement Extremely resilientBolt free option available Reduction in weightSize & Weight: SIZE CIRCUMFERENCE mm WEIGHT kg S 500-560 1.2 M 540-590 1.2 L 570-640 1.3 XL 610-660 1.5 Product description:The MICH/ACH is an upgrade helmet from the PASGT design. Compatible with communications equipment, gas masks and many other attachments. This is the helmet of choice for many military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world. Providing robust protection and lightweight with additional configurations available – gives the user confidence they are prepared for any situation or threat they may face.     Protection level:  NIJ Level IIIaStanag 2920 FSP Guarantee: 5-year manufacturer's guarantee on the protective materials Shooting test results:  Available on request Care instructions:Washable with a damp cloth Do not stress mechanically