Safe4Life – Body Armour


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Safe4Life – Body Armour


It is our passion to protect people.

Weight 7 kg

6,5 KG / 14,3 lbs

Protection level

European Ballistic Protection Standard VPAM-6
• Protection against the AK47 Kalashnikov MSC
• Protection against all commonly known handguns including .44 Magnum and 9mm Para
Stab protection – up to the highest Standards


HSX coating- especially designed to reduce spall and secondary fragments

Protective area

250 x 350 mm (10“x 14“) – vital organs

Additional information

Foldable, easy storage
Multi-hit capability – 3 calibre distances between hits
Backface deformation after impact below 20mm
Storage conditions -20°C/+70°C
Withstands rough handling
Curved front plate for more comfortable fit
Perfect fit for sizes S to XL

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