S4L - Concealable carrier "Sara"

Product information "S4L - Concealable carrier "Sara""


  • Concealable vest for bullet resistant and stab-resistant inserts
  • Integrated pocket on the front and back for integrating S4L - Alloy plates
  • Versatile adjustment options on the shoulders and abdomen
  • Inner waist belt
  • Cool mesh inner fabric
  • Very high quality carrier system
  • Very large protection area
  • Lateral overlap of protective inserts
  • High-quality, water-repellent Cordura cover
  • Excellent fit
  • Weight: 0,56 kg

Product description:

The “Sara” concealable vest is very comfortable protective clothing that can be worn concealed. Thanks to its integrated pocket system, either the flexible Safe4Life stab protection inserts or the Safe4Life bullet-resistant soft packages can be integrated. In addition, this model also has the option of accommodating the ultra-thin Safe4Life Alloy inserts in extra pockets. This makes Sara a discreet protector up to high protection levels. The vest is made of high-quality material and offers adjustment options on the shoulders and stomach for a perfect fit.

Protection level:

  • Optionally corresponding to the protective inserts and inserts


  • 2-year manufacturer's guarantee on all carriers

Care instructions:

Protective vest covers can be washed or dry cleaned according to the care label. Hart Armour recommends dry cleaning. The stab protection or ballistic inserts are to be removed before washing.
The zippers should always be closed to the end (zipper garage position). Hook tapes or Velcro fasteners must be covered in a suitable manner when washing so that no damage can occur. 
Do not use bleach.
Typ: Concealable vest
Size: XS-S, M-L, XL-XXL