S4L Tourniquet


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Product number: SW10067
Product information "S4L Tourniquet"
The tactical tourniquet is used to stop massive venous and arterial haemorrhages. Used especially by the military, police, fire brigades as well as rescue services 

  • Tourniquet should not be tightened on any hard clothing. 
  •  Place the tourniquet directly on the skin, about 5-7 cm above the bleeding site. 
  •  If the place of blood loss cannot be precisely located, we tighten the tourniquet on the clothes high on the limb.

  • The widh and lenght of the band tightening the limb: 90 cm*4 cm 
  • Material: nylon
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Windlass made of metal 
  • Strong velcro along the entire lenght ensure effective clamping 
  • Closure system: securing the windlass under the fastening clasp and velcro tape 
  • Black colour 
  • Do not wash 
  • Single-use only