Our vision

Supply of affordable protection for everybody

Our mission

To save people’s lives


Revolutionary intergraded amour design (no plate carrier required)
HSX coating included (spall reduction)
Stands up to multi-hit capabillity
Effective against all common handguns and rifles
European ballistic protection standard VPAM-6
Tested according to NIJ requirements (USA Upgrade)
One size fits all
Speedy Delivery (inventory on hand)
XL protection area

Tested at independent test laboratories

See how SAFE4LIFE preforms at the shooting range

Protect yourself


How to put on your SAFE4LIFE in 5 seconds


Our product can save your life


When to put it on!

Here are some examples of certain situations

If there is a burglar in the house

If there is a school shooting

If you have to leave your armoured vehicle

If you are a paramedic (first responder) in a dangerous area

If there is a terrorist attack

If there is a shooting in the courthouse

easy to store below the front seats of your car


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Come and join us!

Hart Armour has been created in October 2020. The company is specialised in making protection available for everybody. The product SAFE4LIFE is the first product, which resulted out of this passion. Making an affordable, simple product, easy to store and easy to put on when you need it. Comparable to a life jacket in an airplane, probably you will never need it, but if you do, you are happy it’s there. Within this philosophy Hart Armour is developing more innovative products at the moment. Stay on the lookout, your safety is our passion.

Onno 't Hart

Starting his career early nineties Onno has been selling aramid for protection applications out of Germany and Singapore. In 2006 he moved his way up to become CEO of a German Protection company doing body armour and protection of vehicles. Recently Onno has been appointed as advisor on protection systems for several governments and OEMs. In October 2020 he decided to follow his passion and founded Hart Armour.


"let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail." ~Owen Arthur

"it’s our passion to protect people"

Onno ‘t Hart - CEO of Hart Armour


To save people’s lives


Supply of affordable protection for everybody